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CEH – Self Study – The Review

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had been asked to perform a review of some Self Study material provided by a company called UCertify. Our relationship started out a little rocky, where they asked me to review a demo-version, I refused to review anything except the full thing, and they eventually relented and sent the whole course through, so I at least have full visibility of the whole thing ! There was a choice of courses, but figuring that I’d be better off in my own space, I decided to go for the CEH V7 course – reflecting ( I hope ! ) the changes that have been made to the CEH qualification. Once I had downloaded and installed the program without any issues ( note : Windows only option – a bit of a shame as I would have prefered to run it on my MBP [ while it was still working ] ) I opened it up to have a preliminary wander.

My first impression was that the interface was rather dated – very Windows 3.1, rather than anything else, but, remember that “Content is King” when it comes to training. The interface is laid out with “Practice Tests” and “Study Helper” tabs easily visible, but scrolling further down other features are available, including progress tracking tools and “Articles”. Featurewise, I would say that the course is no better or worse than any other CBT that I have seen, although the layout isn’t entirely intuitive. The right hand side of the window for example is full of “PrepKit Features” – marketing bumph telling you about the product that you’ve allready bought, probably because of the promised features !

Anyway, having made the earlier suggestion that “Content is King” – I suspect that one or two of you might have figured out where I am heading. The course itself is not well structured – it leaps around topics in a non-sensical fashion, it doesn’t deliver on the learning goals highlighted at the beginning of the session and it doesn’t look as if it was written by someone for whom English was their first language – I don’t wish to be negative about this, but it leads to ambiguity in meaning in places, and that – in an educational package is unacceptable. I also have _grave_ reservations about the accuracy of the content in places – how about this one :

“Microsoft networking uses UDP for logon …”

And that’s only one, in the first lesson …

The test questions, at least initially seemed to be quite promising – although my concerns about the accuracy stand.

For my part, I won’t be sitting the CEH exam off the basis of this course, and I can’t say that I would recommend anyone else to either – the quizes, if they are accurate, might well be a useful revision tool if you have learnt your information from somewhere else – but I really would suggest that you approach the product with caution, and use it only in conjunction with another resource to ensure that you are going to get the right learning for the exam.

Overall – 1/5

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