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De Montfort University – New MSc in Forensics

Below I quote a letter from Brian Jenkinson and Tony Sammes regarding the new digital forensics course at De Montfort University. Brian and Tony, formerly of Cranfield, are considered amongst the foremost Digital Foreniscs practicioners and specialists in the UK. This e-mail is reproduced less contact details to reduce spam / annoyance, but if you are serious, please contact me directly and I’d be happy to pass you on.

Dear Students, Colleagues and Friends,

It is with great pleasure that we can now let you all know that our “new”
MSc has been validated by De Montfort University and we will start teaching
in January 2012.

The MSc will run in a configuration that you will recognise. Many thanks
must be extended to the staff at DMU who have worked long and hard hours
to get the MSc developed and in place in a period of about five months.
It has been a heavy time for all of them and for the two of us. Getting this
done in such a short period must be some kind of record!  We were insistent
on speed so as not to leave any existing students in the lurch, as you know
the move was not of our choosing.

Full details of the Courses will be circulated shortly but to cover some of
the questions we have been asked :

– The MSc is made up of the Courses plus Coursework and Project.
– Three qualifications are available, MSc, PG Dip and PG Cert.
– Short Courses will run together with the MSc residential element.
– Those of you with completed modules “in the bank” can put those towards an
MSc at De Montfort.
– Those of you who have done the residential elements only (without the
coursework) will be able to “top up” with coursework only.
– Costings are not yet settled but we are assured that they will be similar
to or less than those you would expect to pay elsewhere.
– We are not aware that any fee will be charged for transfer of credits (in
their various types) to register completed modules or short course
passes at DMU.

The first course/module will be a Foundations of Forensic Computing in
January 2012.

This is an exciting time for both of us – they are building us a teaching
lab as we write with all new kit and extras. The lab is exlusively for our use so we
can do as we wish without constraints and do not have to share with any
other course, the building is massive and its layout is designed for
teaching and students’ comfort. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming
and the staff are brilliant “can do, will do” people. There is technical support for us
should there be any glitches and the kit is better than anything we possess.
The MSc is “Forensic Computing for Practitioners” and will focus upon
Forensic stuff to do the job and us teaching Forensics rather than padding out
with non-relevant material.There are shed-loads of new stuff and includes bespoke
scripting, differing operating systems getting past the disk interface and
the like – it feels like we have been released from our leashes and can
run free, its great!

In the first instance any one who wishes to express an interest in transferring to DMU,
starting the MSc (or derivative) at DMU or simply want Short Courses at DMU
should EMail with contact details and a short explanation of their circumstances
to “<on request>” PLEASE use “MScFC4P” as the Subject in the EMail header.

Each person enquiring will then be contacted
personally, initially with some further detail and then to discuss the mechanics for those
requesting a transfer. Please include both EMail and telephone contact details.

Please feel free to contact us at “<on request>” with any queries or
telephone Brian on <on request> if you want a personal discussion.

Further Good News with detail will follow shortly, if you want a Foundation place in
January we suggest you register your interest as soon as possible, we are aware
that interest is already high.

Our very Best Regards to all of you, we hope to see you at F3 in November
or, indeed, at DMU.

Please feel free to circulate the content of this EMail to any person whom you feel may
be interested in its content – we do not have access to a database of students or
organisations at present. It would also be very helpful if you would acknowledge
receipt of this EMail, thanks.

Tony and Brian.

in cauda venenum
Brian Jenkinson MSc BSc[hon] BA  FBCS CITP
Forensic Computer Consultant
Visiting Professor to The Faculty of Technology of  De Montfort University, Leicester

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