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DMU and Documents … ( Part 3 )

For the curious – the exam yesterday went “ok” … Not as well as I would have liked. It was good in the sense that as I went through the task, I realised the errors that I was making and managed to correct them before it went _too_ far in throwing out subsequent calculations but it really slowed me down and I didn’t quite get through all of it. I’m confident that I passed, and, interestingly, I managed to learn something new about the behaviour of Word during the exam – I also know that, without any time constraint, I would have been able to do it, so the course should be classed as a success (!). This is the first occasion I can recall in my entire academic history ( since GCSE none the less ) where I want to get the coursework component so that I can beat the darn thing !

The exam was, I think, well positioned – if I hadn’t made any mistakes it would have been feasible to complete it in about 1hr 45min I reckon – Tony and Brian said that they each sat it, and it took each of them just over an hour. The content of the week ( which took 4 days of 9am to 6pm training to get through ) couldn’t possibly all be examined – so the sub section chosen had to demonstrate understanding, and I must admit that it does that very well indeed.

Roll on the coursework !

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