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CEH – Self Study

I’ve been asked by a company to review a self-study course on the new CEH v7, and they have very kindly provided me with a full copy of their material. On a first look, it seems pretty good – I like the way that it is arranged, and it’s easy to use. Installation was no problem, although I have to use my PC rather than my Mac / Linux box, which isn’t exactly ideal ! So far my only issue with it is that there are some minor errors with the peripheral content ( the price of the exam quoted in the material is $250, I’ve not found it less than $300 for the online exam and $500 for the meat-space exam ). These are early days though, and I actually intend to follow the whole thing through and sit the exam – so there will be more detail comming soon.

UPDATE: Make sure that you read : CEH – Self Study – The Review

And also, if you are heading down this path of CEH perhaps you might like :  An Introduction to Penetration Testing

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