DMU Network – Feb 13

This course develops expertise in the forensic examination of both Client and Server machines. The course consists of an academic discussion of Networks and how they operate followed by practical hands-on development of a Network from the point of view of a small business. Starting from a stand alone machine students will build a working network via crossover connection to the use of switches on a small network to a full-blown domain with controller. Forensic artefacts and methods of recovery for evidential purposes are discussed and practically experienced along the way. Examinations/analysis are carried out on prepared hard disks with suitable scenarios.

If you have been a student on this course, please feel free to leave your comments below.

One thought on “DMU Network – Feb 13

  1. Dale McGleenon says:

    I have just completed the Network Forensic course and feel it gave me a very good understanding of the Bits and Bytes level. It is refreshing to receive instruction that does not revolve around the use of commercial forensics products and gives investigators a good understanding of the foundations.

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