DMU Foundation – Jan 13

This course provides a comprehensive foundation in the discipline of forensic computing. Students acquire the knowledge, understanding and practical experience that will enable them to find and recover admissible digital evidence from PC based computers and the skills that will permit them competently to present such evidence in a Court of Law.

The fundamentals of forensic computing are detailed to a degree that allows students to understand how commercial forensic tools work and enables them to extract digital evidence directly from binary images, beneath the level at which the tools operate.

If you have been a student on this course, please feel free to leave your comments below.

One thought on “DMU Foundation – Jan 13

  1. Dale McGleenon says:

    Having just experienced this course I felt compelled to come here and comment. The course was challenging but thanks to the excellent teaching styles employed by Brian and Tony I had a much better understanding by the end of the course. I would most definitely advise any new practitioners to attend this course before taking any other courses as it truly gives you a much better understanding of the nuts and bolts underneath it all!

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