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De Montfort University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is the offical unoffical page for the student review of courses for Forensic Practitioners at DeMontfort University. Comments left against each of the course pages will not be censored for content, merely for bad language or anything else deemed particularly inappropriate – other than that honest reviews will be treated without fear or favour.


Please find the assorted courses below:


Foundation Course ( 14th – 15th Jan 2013 ) [ course link ]


Network ( 11th – 15th Feb 2013 ) [ course link ]


Internet ( 11th – 15th Mar 2013 ) [ course link ]


Alternative OS ( 18th – 22nd Mar 2013 ) [ course link ]


Current Issues ( 22nd – 26th Apr 2013 ) [ course link ]


Advanced ( 13th – 17th May 2013 ) [ course link ]


Documents ( 10th – 14th Jun 2013 ) [ course link ]


Scripting and Searching ( 19th – 23rd Aug 2013 ) [ course link ]


One thought on “DeMontfort Courses

  1. Neil Matthews says:

    Foundation Course ( 14th – 15th Jan 2013 )

    This was a very challenging course but the content was very well delivered and all aspects were covered in depth during the 2 weeks. The main thing I have taken away is that you never stop learning and that the course is just the start into the journey of Cyber Forensics.

    I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about a career in this field.

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