Off-topic: The Zombie Apocalypse

ZED EventsThe world ended on Friday evening. No, the Mayans didn’t get the date wrong ( that’s still to come at time of writing ) rather, as a birthday present, my brother-in-law treated me to a preemptive “end-of-days” courtesy of the amazing ZED Events.

Without going into too much detail, as the organising company likes to keep the story line, and the actual event under wraps to maintain the surprise/fear factor for new clients/victims, if you are a fan of Zombies and Zombie flicks you are cast as the hero/heroine in your very own version of “28 Days Later” or “The Walking Dead” ( although in our case “Death Valley” might have been marginally closer to our overall competence levels !). Over a four hour period we fought our way through a three level shopping center (“mall” for both correct web searching – ZED Events call it a “mall” – and for our American readers).

In the first couple of hours you are guided, in both the scenario and in path finding, by a couple of armed response Police who’s mission was to secure the shopping center (job well done guys … not) – you learn a good deal of what has been happening, get basic training in your weapons (pump action airsoft shotgun) and tactics (good, honest, Monty Python – “RUN AWAY !”). For the second two hours you are more or less on your own with mission objectives, not at all dissimilar to those you might imagine from video games ( collect these things, drop them there, find so-and-so, etc. ) culminating in a heart pounding finale.

I had a blast. It’s scary, not so much in the blood, guts and gore – although they were excellent, decomposing, oozing and generally disgusting – but far more in the “Oh s**t !” – they are too fast, too many and know their way around way too well in comparison to the living. Running, hiding and frantically wondering if you have enough ammunition left are all part of the game – the objective being survival, rather than body count.

At the end of the day, we were allowed to meet our nemesis in the safe confines of the coffee room for photos – although they remained in character ( if not actively trying to chew our necks ) through out the “after party”.

Herewith please find “Bobo” and victim: ( Bobo is the one on the right … )

I know that the shopping mall in Reading is slated for demolition, but at the moment there is no firm date for that, however ZED Events run a similar scheme further north in a manor house, with considerably more land to run around in ( not that I couldn’t get lost in a three storey shopping mall as it was ! ).

I can’t recommend it enough – go with friends it’s great. You don’t need a great deal of fitness – cardio isn’t my thing in the gym – although I’d suggest those with heart conditions avoid it !


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