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I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve let my blogging slip again – I’d like to plead busy-ness, and it isn’t as if my Twitter hasn’t suffered too ! I think I’ve managed one Tweet this year so far …

In any case, it isn’t like I’ve got much more time now – I’m currently in Leicester at DeMontfort University sitting in the brand new PostGrad Forensics Lab on the “Binary Analysis of Microsoft Office Documents” course. I’ve jumped ship from Cranfield & Shrivenham to follow Professors Tony Sammes and Brian Jenkinson to their new home in the Cyber Security department of DMU*, and I must admit that I have only one regret and that is that Leicester is so much further from home ! Other than that, the course ( so far ! This is day 2 … ) is excellent – the facilities here are far superior to those at Cranfield – much has been invested in the brand new lab – a 15 seat (on a quick count – looks like it can support 3 more) there are some of the snazziest whiteboards that I’ve ever seen (frosted glass none-the-less) and some excellent HD projectors. The smell of various solvents – carpet & paint I think – still are lingering a little, but the AC is gradually filtering it out as the week goes on.

Regarding the course, I won’t divulge content as it is a commercial advantage held by DMU now – I don’t think that you can get this course anywhere else – but needless to say, when it’s being presented by Tony and Brian, you can imagine that not only is it as full of content as you can cram into a day, but it is also seriously stretching all of us here I think – given that 50% of the students are doing their PhD here, I think that gives you some idea of the level that we’re talking about here.

There are several hotels listed by the University, but the closest is the Holiday Inn at St.Nicholas Circle – it’s perfectly acceptable, food is pretty good and the staff are attentive in the restaurant. The Gym, to be fair, is laughable, but lets face it, a majority of Forensic Examiners are known for their athletic ability 😉 It is only a short walk from the Gateway Building where the lab is – and thus far I’ve been blessed with good weather …

Catering on the course is a matter of going to get it yourself – this isn’t a hardship, as the Student Center next door has a number of options for food – including a Starbucks (either rejoice or groan as you personally desire – for me, it beats Nescafe, so I won’t complain !) There is a cash machine, small supermarket etc. much the same range as I recall from my experiences at Edinburgh and Imperial … There seems to be an absence of card taking at the till points – I guess students only operate in cash – so just be prepared. Oh, and two other points – 1) Avoid going to lunch at 1pm, the mass of the student population arrives at this point and 2) there appears to be a constant charity fundraising presence outside – as one of my post-grad colleagues pointed out – this allows the undergrads to feel productive without actually having to do any work 😛 ( Be careful when purchasing cakes/biscuits from the stalls – I’m not sure that student kitchens are best designed for mass catering, and, although the flavour was lovely – the image of Brian having to break his biscuit by repeatedly smashing it against the table in order to eat it will remain with me for a long time ! )

I’ll update this a little later in the week when a bit more course has been covered … But, from first impressions, I’m really rating the move from Cranfield/Shrivenham as “a good thing”…

For more information on De Montfort University courses – both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Forensics & Information Security go to HERE.

* Ok people, let’s be brutally honest here – there isn’t really a course left at Cranfield after Tony and Brian left – so I can’t say that there was much point in _not_ following them …

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